Diamond Membership

Diamond Corporate membership, the highest level of corporate membership grants organizations a strong, integrated relationship and maximum engagement within IATEO includes our premium panel of communication facilities.

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Platinum Membership

Platinum Corporate membership, aimed at delivering results for organizations that do not require a fully integrated relationship with IATEO while still ensuring benefits arising from sustained engagement and extensive communication facilities.

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Gold Membership

Corporate Gold membership, the entry level for organisations that wish to be recognised as supporters of IATEO but do not seek to engage deeply within the organisation. A stepping stone toward greater participation.

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Building Bridges

Harmonization of accreditation standards within a portable, consistent and coherent framework, is of paramount importance to a globally integrated industry. IATEO seeks to bridge national and regional boundaries, engaging with member organizations, institutions of higher learning, regulators and industry peak bodies to foster dialogue and deliver sustainable industry outcomes. IATEO is the aviation education and training industry’s global advocate.

Supporting Research

The aviation industry is rapidly evolving with change being the only constant. Short-term business imperatives often take priority, with precious resources being allocated to subjects of immediate concern. IATEO retains focus on the fundamentals, identifying research opportunities, coordinating inter-institutional programs and recognizing achievement in aviation education and training.

Defining Outcomes

IATEO rallies not only innovative corporate actors, but leverages the combined experience of over 350 institutions of higher learning, representing a truly global alliance. Members contribute toward the ongoing definition and refinement of our accreditation framework which delivers industry-relevant outcomes, promising a more sustainable, efficient future and benefiting the entire aviation community.

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Beyond accreditation, IATEO provides relevant, value-adding services to the aviation training and education sector, from pre-accreditation support to advice in education and training practices. Learn more by clicking here or inquiring via our contact page.