Founded by a group of experienced aviation trainers and educators, the International Aviation Training and Education Organisation (IATEO) is the only organization that represents the aviation training and education sector to governmental, academic and corporate entities.

With excellence, sustainability and cooperation as its core values, IATEO ensures that the views and needs of the aviation education and training community are understood and considered at an international level.


While ICAO is responsible for the definition of standards and recommended practices, contracting states through their national aviation regulators fulfil these requirements in accordance with legislative requirements that differ from country to country. Bridging this gap, IATEO strives to harmonization education and training outcomes and delivers accreditations within a consistent and coherent framework worldwide.

Powerful knowledge network

Adhering to its stated mission and objectives, IATEO marshals the combined experience and knowledge of leading academic institutions, innovative private sector stakeholders and individuals creating the most comprehensive network in the field. Knowledge sharing between members is not only facilitated but also actively encouraged, fostering open dialogue that benefits the entire industry.

Beyond Accreditation

IATEO offers a broad range of relevant value-adding services to members, leveraging the skills and capabilities of a global industry peak body:

• Consulting and advisory
• Pre-accreditation auditing and planning
• Aviation education and training conferences and events
• Industry seminars and programs
• Regional and global networking events
• Industry lobby and government relations
• Periodical publications and newsletters
• Research collaboration and coordination