Mission and Objectives


IATEO’s mission is to represent the aviation training and education sector in partnership with other international industry representative bodies such as ICAO, IATA, ACI, TIACA, IFALPA to governmental, academic and corporate entities, ensuring that members views, needs and insights are understood and considered.

The organization aims to facilitate knowledge transparency and the harmonization of standards through the establishment of an agile, relevant accreditation framework and a dynamic, engaged member network.


• Bridge the gap between the various stakeholder ministries such as education and training, transportation and the industry.

• Harmonize academic and professional qualifications.

• Raise general awareness of aviation study and career opportunities.

• Support and disseminate research on aviation educational and training best practices.

• Disseminate best practices and guidance on funding of aviation education and training.

• Advocate on behalf of the aviation education and training sector and members.


IATEO’s member network is central to the successful realization of our goals and objectives. Only through broad member participation and engagement can IATEO ensure that industry relevant outcomes are delivered. The organization welcomes member participation in the various committees and colleges that develop and influence the policy and strategic direction of the organization.


IATEO’s accreditation framework is the cornerstone policy of the organization’s strategic vision. Bridging gaps and harmonizing standards, the enhanced framework will unite academic and professional paradigms, adding value for industry and individual alike.

Out of scope

IATEO as an industry representative organization does not:

• Develop or conduct end-user aviation training courses or programs.

• Compete with other representative international organizations, training or education entities.

• Establish technical standards