Membership and Accreditation Logos

Members and accredited organizations are encouraged to demonstrate their commitment to furthering the objectives and values of IATEO by displaying membership and accreditation logos in digital and print media.

Please read the terms and conditions below before downloading the logo via the applicable link.


Terms of use

IATEO membership and accreditation logos are available for the exclusive use of IATEO member organizations and individuals and only for the corresponding gold, platinum or diamond membership or accreditation level.

They are intended to for display and/or inclusion on member or accredited organization communication and promotional materials to demonstrate a member or accredited organizations participation and engagement within the IATEO network and/or accreditation framework.

IATEO membership and accreditation logos are NOT meant to be associated with specific products or services unless otherwise stated, therefore should always appear in conjunction with the member or accredited organization logo for all applications.


Members and accredited organizations may only use the logos from the master file provided by IATEO. Logos may not be downloaded from alternative sources.


Membership and accreditation official logo colors are as follow:

Gold membership, Gold accreditation:
Yellow : R (215), G (181), B (36)

Individual membership, Institutional membership, Platinum membership, Platinum accreditation:
Gray : R (155), G (166), B (168)

Diamond membership, Diamond accreditation:
Blue : R (35), G (123), B (190)

Colors may not be altered, with the exception of black and white and duotone representations, where the the luminosity of the colors must be preserved.


Membership and accreditation logos may be displayed on a black on white background in case of a black and white application, or a background which color is similar to the original logo’s color in case of a duotone application.

Shape, Size, and Proportion

Membership and accreditation logos proportion, graphic elements and typography should never be substituted, omitted, altered or distorted.

In order to represent the appropriate relationship between a member or accredited organization logo and the IATEO the following rules must be applied:

• The IATEO membership and accreditation logos should never be bigger than the member or accredited organization’s logo
• The IATEO membership logo should occupy half the visual space of the member or accredited organization’s logo

To heighten its visual impact, the membership and accreditation logos should always be surrounded by a protection space which must be at least the width of the letter “A” in the IATEO word mark. This space must always remain free of any graphic or typographic elements.


Members and accredited organizations are encouraged to display IATEO membership logos in the following cases, as longs as the display is in compliance with the above specifications:

• Marketing material
• Corporate stationery
• Printed standalone for framed, laminated display as well as decals.
• Promotional items
• Email signature
• Website footers

If you are unsure about the correct application of IATEO membership and accreditation logos, we invite you to contact us via this website.