Institutional Membership


Institutional membership is open to organizations offering aviation training and education programs with the type of membership determined by the scope and duration of education and training programs on offer.

Institutional membership does not attract a fee until 2016.

Membership Types

Open to any organisation recognized by the IATEO Executive Committee as a bona fide university offering aviation related programs. These institutions normally offer at minimum 3 or 4 year full bachelor degree programs.

Suitable for Community Colleges and Technical Colleges that offer aviation related technical training, associate degrees or the equivalent. Membership is available to any organisation deemed to be a college by the IATEO Executive Committee.

Training Centre
Available to any organisation providing in-house training to its staff, although training may also be offered to external candidates. These members typically offer short courses of one year or less in duration.

Flight Academy/Flight Training School/Flying School
Open to any organisation whose main business is offering Ab Initio flight training.

Airline/Corporate Flight Training
This membership is aimed at airline training departments or other aviation related training departments primarily engaged in recurrent training, EP Training, command training and type endorsements.

High School
Available to any high school (approximate ages of students from 12-18 years of age) with an aviation related program. High School membership fees are currently waived by IATEO.


Knowledge Sourcing, Representation and Recognition.

IATEO’s outcomes based approach to knowledge management and dissemination of information affords members the opportunity to develop valuable insight and make informed decisions in relation to future business direction and training methods.

The adoption of IATEO’s uniform accreditation criteria provides members with global recognition, while IATEO’s engagement with senior figures in international aviation organizations uniquely positions members to take full advantage of industry developments as early adopters of new technologies and methodologies.

Actualization and Availability of Information.

Members have access to the latest, most advanced training and education techniques and technologies via multiple channels including seminars, webinars, and the peer-reviewed periodic publication of IATEO ‘Aeronautica’, – empowering the aviation education and training community and contributing to the establishment of a robust and sustainable commercial landscape.

How to apply?

Applications for Institutional Memberships may be made via this website. Please visit our contact page for further information. All decisions regarding eligibility and type of membership awarded are made at the sole discretion of the IATEO Executive Committee.

Institutional members may display IATEO membership and applicable accreditation logos on printed materials and online media, in accordance with the terms of use. Please visit our member resource centre for information.